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Patriotic Teen Gets Bullied For Wearing Trump Hat… Let’s Show Him Support

This kid was expressing his right as a American to choose a candidate he believes in, and got bullied for it…

Liberals truly blow my mind. In one breath, they’ll scream, cry and moan about their First Amendment rights. In the next breath, they’ll commit atrocious crimes against others who express their freedom of speech if it doesn’t agree with theirs.

That seems to be the case for this unnamed teen who, according to an extremely popular Reddit post, wore a red “Make America Great Again” hat to school in order to show his support for Donald Trump.


And guess what happened? He was bullied. Picked on. Ridiculed. 

maga kid bullied

This makes me absolutely FURIOUS, and it should you as well.

And look, even after being bullied all day, he still managed to round up a smile and a thumbs up for the camera. That says A LOT about this kid’s character and I’d like to personally give a shout out to his parents for raising him right.

maga hat

I don’t care who you’re voting for, but I would make sure my child knew that everyone has a right to support whomever they like and if a kid wore a Hillary Clinton shirt or hat to school, my child would know to respect their liberty to choose.

Let’s spread this around the internet and remind people just how “tolerant” the leftists are. The punks responsible for this should, at the very least, be expelled.

Do you agree?


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