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Over HALF Of Anti-Trump Hippie Protesters DID NOT Vote!

What a bunch of losers…

More than half of the people arrested in Portland, Oregon, while protesting President-elect Donald Trump’s election victory did not vote, according to KGW-TV.

Of the 112 people arrested in the city during the recent protests, at least 69 of them either didn’t turn in a ballot or they didn’t vote in Oregon.

KGW reviewed county voter logs and registration rolls, determining that 34 of the arrested protesters didn’t vote, and 35 more weren’t registered to vote in Oregon.

Anti-Trump protesters
Anti-Trump protesters in Portland, OR

They found that only 25 people arrested did vote.

Work is still underway to verify voting records for the remaining 17 protesters who were arrested, KGW reported.

H/T FoxNewsInsider

It’s amazing that these liberal hipsters have the audacity to protest an election (based on false perceptions) when most of them didn’t even care to cast a vote for their candidate? Where I come from, the only way you get to whine and complain about an election is if you actually VOTED in it.

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