OUCH: Look How Many Showed Up To Chelsea Clinton’s Rally For Hillary

This is so humiliating!

A small crowd greeted Democrat nominee Hillary Clinton’s daughter Chelsea at a campaign stop in Sioux City, Iowa on Tuesday. At the Orpheum theater, Chelsea defended her mother and attacked Republican Presidential nominee Donald Trump to a crowd reported to include just 125 people.

Chelsea Clinton told those in attendance that she doesn’t want to live in a country with what she called the “demeaning speak” of Trump.

“The demeaning speak against Americans with disabilities, against women, against minorities, against Muslims, against immigrants, against our veterans, against a gold-star family,” Clinton said. “None of that is the country that I want to live in and it’s certainly not the country that I want my children, our children, and our grandchildren to grow up in.”

Look at this LAME audience!
Look at this LAME audience!

Chelsea spoke for about ten minutes and took questions for another 25 before posing for pictures with those in attendance.

Folks, this is so embarassing. Can you imagine if Eric Trump or Donald Trump Jr. or Ivanka Trump held a rally in your town right now? It would draw THOUSANDS without any notice at all! This goes to show how unpopular the Clinton’s really are.

There are going to be a LOT of sad liberals come November, when Trump wins with a LANDSLIDE!

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