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OUCH: Anti-Trump Crybaby Learns The Hard Way Not To Block Traffic

That’s gonna leave a mark!

A video has surfaced online of an anti-Donald Trump protester wandering out into traffic and getting hit by car.

A group of demonstrators believed to be University of California, San Diego students gathered near Interstate 5, a highway in California around the La Jolla area campus, according to a video posted on Nov. 9.

The students chanted “Education Not Deportation!” and “Hey, hey, ho, ho, Donald Trump has got to go!” to protest the election of Trump as president.

One woman walked out into the line of traffic and moments later was struck by a car. Then, members of the crowd shouted “get the fuck off the highway!”

Unrest has ensued in many U.S. cities following Trump’s election to the presidency. Protests have broken out in New York, Los Angeles and Philadelphia. Riots started in Portland, Oregon, leading to 71 arrests.

H/T DailyCaller

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