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New Poll Shows Trump Leading… So Polling Company Makes SICKENING Move

This is beyond disgusting…

(H/T GatewayPundit)

Monmouth University released a poll today that had Donald Trump defeating Hillary Clinton. Trump was up 41-39 so they weighted the poll with more Democrats to give Hillary the lead.

The original unweighted poll had 33 Republicans to 35 Democrats – with Trump leading. The revised poll had 29 Republicans to 37 Democrats… And, Wallah! Hillary has the lead.

This shouldn’t surprise Trump fans at this point, really, but the very thought of polls being manipulated at the source to purposely favor Hillary Clinton raises questions about all previous national polls. We’ve said all along, like many others, that these polls mean squat — and this kind of dirty, shady manipulation proves it.

November is going to bring us a new leader and we’re confident it’s NOT going to be Hellery.

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