Moment Of The Night: Pence Slams Clinton For Private Servers

One of the biggest lines from Tuesday’s vice-presidential debate was when Mike Pence confronted Tim Kaine about Hillary’s private email server.

After discussing the cybersecurity surge, Pence said, “it’s important… to remember that Hillary Clinton had a private server in her home that had classified information on it about drone strikes, emails from the president of the United States of America.”

After his 30 seconds were up, he quickly inserted that “her private server was subject to being hacked by foreign [governments]. We could put cyber security first if we just make sure the next secretary of state doesn’t have a private server.”

Kaine retorted that the FBI’s investigation concluded Hillary Clinton was innocent, but we’ve explained on why this investigation was pretty much a sham and a cover-up.

H/T Sean Hannity

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