Massive New Retailer Drops Ivanka’s Line… Let’s BOYCOTT Them To Death

Honestly, even in this divided day and age of partisan politics that pits friends against friends and family against family, it absolutely blows my mind that a major retailer would choose politics over good old fashioned capitalism.

The latest company to join the anti-Trump bandwagon is Burlington, a department store with 567 locations around the U.S. Earlier today, they announced they’d be dropping Ivanka’s line from their online store.

Last week, Nordstroms made headlines by announcing their discontinuation of ordering/selling Ivanka Trump’s clothing and accessory line. Neiman Marcus stopped selling Ivanka’s jewelry line.

TJ Maxx and Marshalls had employees remove all Ivanka Trump branding signs from stores.

While they may see a very temporary increase in support from the left, over the long haul, they’re going to SORELY regret their ill-advised decision to go political. I’m willing to bet that a study would show conservatives out-shop the left by leaps and bounds.

Targeting Ivanka’s extremely successful business because they don’t agree with her father’s politics is extremely unfair and runs counter to their message of empowering women. Ivanka has won numerous awards for being an empowering female success story with her line of products.

The “tolerant” left is only tolerant if you agree with their skewed politics.

So, let’s let Burlington know how we feel by passing on their selection of merchandise for other retailers who aren’t dense enough to jump into the political weed garden.

And if you’re shopping for Valentine’s Day or for whatever reason, give Ivanka Trump’s classy selection of clothing, shoes and jewelry a chance to earn your money.

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