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Long-Time Friend Breaks Silence… Reveals Incredible Truth About Donald Trump

The media didn’t see this coming…

(Mediaite) Televangelist Paula White is a spiritual adviser to Donald Trump, and she spoke out to CNN’s Erin Burnett tonight about Trump’s faith and relationship with God.

Trump hasn’t exactly been too open about his faith––he’s only occasionally talked about having a “great relationship” with God and how he doesn’t think he has anything to apologize or repent for––but White said tonight that Trump is actually “much more hungry for God in his heart than I think people would imagine.”

She explained that she developed a close relationship with Trump years ago after he watched a few of her speeches and called her up. White said that he has a natural curiosity and people tend to overstate his flubs on religious matters.

She said, “He’s a man who loves God.”

Notice how you probably didn’t see this in your news feed? That’s because the “NeverTrump” GOP elitists and most of the narrative-driven mainstream media will do their very best to make sure you do NOT see it. After all, they wouldn’t want us dumb, average Americans who go to church on Sunday to feel like we can relate to Donald Trump on a spiritual level.

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