Liberals Immediately Blamed Ohio State Attack On Lack Of Gun Control

Earlier today, a radicalized Somali refugee tried to murder students at The Ohio State University with his car and a knife.

Initial reports suggested a gun was involved.

That wasn’t the case. The only gun used was the one that stopped the attack. Like always.

That didn’t stop liberals from immediately exploiting the tragedy to push their illogical gun control agenda.

From Weasel Zippers via The Daily Caller:



It didn’t take long for the Monday knife attack at Ohio State University to turn into a gun control rallying cry.

First reports and reports throughout the duration of the attack described it as a shooting. Authorities later clarified it was a knife attack. Minutes after news broke that there was an alleged active shooter, Twitter users called for stronger gun control and blamed the attack on lackluster laws.

The school is a “gun free zone,” and instructed students to “run hide fight” and stay in place.

At least eight people have been taken to the hospital, with one critical and another seven stable, according to the fire department. There are also reports at least one person was attacked with a machete.

Columbus police have confirmed one attacker has been killed.

UPDATE: According to officials, contrary to initial reports of a shooting, the attacker used a car and knife. The campus is secure and classes have been cancelled. The eight people taken to the hospital reportedly have non-life-threatening injuries. This story has been updated to reflect this news.


Liberals sure are good at exploiting tragedy to push their political narrative…

Maybe next time we can wait and see what happened before we start using the situation to bash people who don’t agree with us on politics?

H/T Young Conservatives

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