LEAKED: “Disaster” Email From Hillary Aide Raises Question About Serious Health Problem

What exactly did this mysterious email mean?

A mysterious 2009 email sent from top Hillary Clinton aide Huma Abedin to then-chief adviser Doug Band has reignited conspiracy theories about the Democratic nominee’s health. The message was included in the 198 emails between the State Department and Clinton Foundation released by Citizens United on Wednesday.

In response to an email with the subject “Where are u,” Abedin responded:

“I’m with her.

We had a disaster.



The email only adds more fuel to the raging fire surrounding the issue of Clinton’s health as speculation and curiosity are already grabbing the internet.

The email was sent on Aug. 28, 2009. Obviously, the “disaster” could be completely unrelated to her health and about something in her personal or political life. Still, people can’t help but wonder what Abedin meant.

Clinton’s campaign previously released a statement from the nominee’s doctor saying the 68-year-old seems to be healthy, but suffers from hypothyroidism and currently takes medication to prevent blood clots.

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