Larry The Cable Guy Just Publicly TRASHED Hillary Clinton


(Insider) Larry the Cable Guy dropped by “Fox and Friends” today to share some laughs and give his thoughts on the 2016 race.

The superstar “Blue Collar” comedian said that this election year is “crazy,” and he’s torn between Donald Trump and Libertarian candidate Gary Johnson, since both have policies he agrees with.

“I know who I’m not voting for. I’ll give you the initials… Hillary Clinton,” Larry said. “Hillary will be the end of the country. That’s all I got to say.”

He added that he’s noticed how divided the country is and how uncivil many people are this particular election cycle.

He explained that if someone says they agree with some of the things Trump says, they’re immediately criticized and deemed a “racist.”

Wow! Nothing is more refreshing than when a celebrity breaks rank in Hollywood and speaks his or her mind. Larry The Cable Guy has a massive platform and fan base, and for him to relay the message that Hillary will be TERRIBLE for the United States is exactly what needed to be said. 

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