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Kirstie Alley Just HUMILIATED Obama Over Flood Response

She definitely didn’t hold back…

Over the course of the past week, President Obama has taken a massive PR hit by seemingly not giving a damn about flood-ravaged Louisiana and the tens of thousands of people who lost everything they’ve ever known.

Though he’s now promised to tour the flooded area, it comes only after intense pressure and after being completely put to shame by Donald Trump, who hit the ground in LA with his VP pick, Mike Pence. Trump donated an 18-wheeler’s worth of supplies and went as far as helping to unload the truck.

Meanwhile, Obama golfed at Martha’s Vineyard and Hillary Clinton was “resting.”

Movie and TV star Kirstie Alley didn’t give Obama a free pass, this time around, like most Hollywood types do. She completely ripped him apart with an impressive tirade on Twitter.

She went on to rip the weak excuse that Obama’s handlers gave…citing flooded interstates and roads.

Then she cranked up the heat, directly calling out Obama for blatantly ignoring the mega-disaster.

According to the National Weather Service, since August 12, 40,000 homes have been destroyed or damaged and at least 11 people have died. Another 10,000+ have been displaced as a result of the flooding.

So, keep golfing, you pompous jerk. 

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