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Kellyanne Conway Just Dropped The HAMMER On Hillary… BRUTAL!

Unlike other losing presidential candidates from this past cycle and long before, Hillary Clinton decided to take the route less classy as of late and has tweeted more than a few snarky jabs at President Donald Trump and his administration.

But the latest one blew up in her face in a HUGE way. Kellyanne Conway obviously had enough with her sassy tweets and decided to strike back — and boy did she lay a WHOPPER on her!

Fox News has the story:

Hillary Clinton resurfaced again Thursday night to troll President Trump over losing the latest court battle on his travel ban — though top Trump aide Kellyanne Conway was quick with a Twitter retort.

Clinton tweeted, “3-0,” after a federal appeals court ruled unanimously against reinstating Trump’s order on immigration and refugees. The three-judge panel of the U.S. Court of Appeals for the Ninth Circuit in San Francisco all sided against the order.

Conway responded to Clinton’s tweet, “PA, WI, MI” — an obvious dig at Clinton for losing the must-win states during the election.

BOOM! Take that, Hellery! When will these loser Democrats learn they can’t tango with the Trump admin without getting burnt to a crisp?

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