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Kellyanne Conway Gave Liberals a STROKE With Her Special Outfit

She made this look GOOD!

Butt-hurt liberals had a LOT to whine about over the past 72 hours, but one unexpected reason their feathers were ruffled had nothing to do with President Donald Trump.

Instead, it was the rock star of the Trump team — senior adviser Kellyanne Conway and her EPIC Gucci inauguration outfit that sent liberals into a complete meltdown.

NY Daily News has the story:

Donald Trump’s senior advisor is wearing patriotic coat studded with cat-head brass buttons to the revolution — or at least the inauguration.

“Trump Revolutionary Wear!” Kellyanne Conway laughed when a reporter asked her to describe the quirky coat she wore Friday morning as she made her way to the inauguration ceremony.

kellyanne conway

The A-line, blue-and-white Gucci coat retails for $3,600. It features a red collar and ten brass buttons in the shape of wildcats.

“The feline head, a recurring animal motif, decorates the front panel of this a-line coat,” the Gucci website read.

I won’t give the angry libs the courtesy of posting their disgusting, mean tweets about her outfit, but make no mistake — she had TONS of support from Trump fans all over the world.

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