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JUST IN: Trump’s White House Considers Sheriff Clarke For Top Job

This would be a massive plus for Trump’s DHS

sheriff david clarke

Sheriff David A. Clarke Of Milwaukee County has been an avid backer of President Donald Trump from the very beginning. Clarke is known for his no-nonsense approach to crime and internal issues affecting the black community.

Early on in Trump’s campaign, Clarke was on Trump’s “dream team” shortlist for a position in the White House. Though ultimately he was never selected, that’s all about to change.

The Blaze reports:

President Donald Trump is considering David Clarke, the controversial sheriff of Milwaukee County, Wisconsin, for a Homeland Security post, according to a new report.

Clarke is under consideration for an assistant secretary position at the DHS Office of Partnership and Engagement, Politico revealed Friday. While the post requires no Senate confirmation, one official close to the situation said it’s “not a done deal yet.”

Clarke, a longtime Trump supporter, has long been rumored for a position in the administration after a November meeting with then-president-elect Trump at Trump Tower.

The sheriff also spoke at the Republican National Convention in Cleveland last summer, when Trump secured the GOP nomination for president. During his speech, Clarke called the Black Lives Matter movement “anarchy” and declared, “Blue lives matter!” He also touched on the importance of applying the law “equally to both the wealthy and the impoverished.”

“These are truths that are self-evident to me, and which I practice, and they are the truths that Donald Trump understands and supports,” Clarke said in his speech. “Donald Trump is the steadfast leader our nation needs.”

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