JUST IN: Trump Unchains “Mad Dog” Mattis… Gives Him Permission To Do THIS

ISIS thugs everywhere were just put on notice.

President Donald Trump made it crystal clear during his presidential campaign that radical Islamic ISIS thugs were no longer welcomed on this planet, should he become commander-in-chief.

He sent that message earlier this month when he authorized the use of a MOAB bomb strike on an ISIS-infested cafe in Afghanistan.

But now, he’s doubling down. Tapping into the military experience and strength of Defense Sec. Gen. “Mad Dog” Mattis, the game is about to change for ISIS.

Daily Caller reports:

President Donald Trump has delegated authority to decide troop levels in the fight against ISIS to Secretary of Defense James Mattis.

Mattis will now be allowed to set U.S. troop levels in Iraq and Syria in accordance with mission needs. Mattis’s new authority also comes after the Pentagon’s late March decision to no longer announce how many troops are headed to the ISIS fight. “It’s about capabilities not numbers,” CENTCOM spokesman Army Col. John Thomas told reporters at the time.

“Restoring FML decisions to the Secretary of Defense enables military commanders to be more agile, adaptive and efficient in supporting our partners, and enables decisions that benefit unit readiness, cohesion and lethality,” Pentagon spokesman Dana White told BuzzFeedNews Wednesday. White also told the Associated Press Mattis has not yet changed the number of troops in the region.

The decision marks a major departure from the Obama administration, which capped troop levels in several U.S. military areas of operations and frequently highlighted troop numbers as part of its drawdown strategies in Iraq and Afghanistan.

The move fits with a broader push by the Trump administration to delegate tactical authorities to the Pentagon while focusing on broader strategic issues. The increasingly lax oversight is already being felt in the ground war against Islamic terrorists. “There is a sense among these commanders that they are able to do a bit more — and so they are,” a senior U.S military official told The Wall Street Journal in mid-April.

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