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JUST IN: Andrea Tantaros Nukes Fox News With Massive New Claim

The Fox News legal team is working overtime…

andrea tantaros

Remember Andrea Tantaros? The former Fox News bombshell who ended up leaving the network after claiming Fox operated like a “sex-fueled, Playboy Mansion-like cult.”

In the midst of a PR nightmare among the ranks of Fox News personalities and management, Tantaros leveled a bizarre charge in her latest legal attack.

Bloomberg reports:

Former Fox News host Andrea Tantaros stepped up her fight with her ex-employer claiming in a new lawsuit that she was a victim of hacking, electronic surveillance and a social media harassment campaign that mirrors the plot of a “Homeland” episode.

Fox News operatives broke into her personal computer, planted key-logging and other surveillance software on it and then used the information “to intimidate, terrorize and crush her career through an endless stream of lewd, offensive and career-damaging social media posts, blog entries and commentary,” Tantaros claims in the lawsuit.

“The outlandish merges with reality in the world of Fox News,” she said in the complaint, filed Monday in New York federal court.

Dechert LLP, the law firm representing Fox News, rejected the allegations in an emailed statement.

‘Obvious Attempt’

“Ms. Tantaros and her attorney continue to file one lawsuit after another in an obvious attempt to get publicity,” she said in an email. “And any suit arising out of her employment at Fox News belongs in arbitration, as they well know.”

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