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Internet Notices Bizarre New Mark On Hillary’s Face… She’s In DEEP Trouble

How many times has this woman fallen and hidden it?

There was something very odd about Hillary Clinton’s face during her rally this week. Could the strain of actually being out in public while campaigning be causing more health woes for the career politician?

Hillary Clinton may have fallen once again… and this time her make-up artist couldn’t hide the evidence. If this new mark on her face was the result of a fall, isn’t it about time We the People know the truth about her health?

Clinton’s face looks vastly changed from how it was two years ago, leading some to believe she had a face lift prior to her run for the presidency. It appears rather obvious Hillary has make-up caked on her face every time she steps out in public, which is rare.

The New York Times reported last year on the “secret plastic surgery” rumors circulating around Hillary Clinton. In Ed Klein’s book, Unlikeable, the author claimed Bill Clinton urged his wife to get a face lift to fix the wrinkles, lines, and sagging skin on her face before she ran for the presidency.

“She couldn’t do anything about the calendar — she’d be 69 years old in 2016 — but she could do something about the lines and sagging skin on her face,” Klein wrote. “She had no intention of going to a clinic.”

According to the author, Hillary Clinton had a renowned plastic surgeon come to Whitehaven, her estate in New York. This surgeon allegedly created a “mini operating room” inside her mansion—with all the latest medical equipment, of course.

“She had her cheeks lifted and her wrinkles and lines Botoxed,” Klein added. “She had work done on her eyes as well as on her neck and forehead.” The Unlikeable author cited comments by one of Hillary Clinton’s friends when he noted she “took it gradually” on the plastic surgery and face lift to avoid a “drastic change” in her appearance.

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What do you think? Did Hillary Clinton take a nasty fall after having one of her “medical episodes” behind closed doors? If so, should this prevent her from running for the most powerful political office in the world? Let us know on Facebook

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