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If Crooked Hillary Wins, Texas Vows To Make Trump PROUD By Taking MASSIVE Action

Whoa! These Texans don’t mess around…

According to a recent bombshell poll, if crooked Hillary Clinton manages to steal the presidency from Donald Trump, residents of Texas are prepared to make a HUGE move that would undoubtedly make Trump and millions of patriots around the country proud.

They’re threatening to secede from the union. A whopping 61% of Trump-supporting Texans polled reported that they would no longer be interested in being part of the United States if Hillary wins.

This isn’t a new thing. A percentage of Texans polled in the past have always fancied the idea of packing up and expressing their freedom, but with Hillary thrown in the mix, the numbers have nearly jumped¬†significantly.

Mind you, we’re as optimistic as the next person about Trump winning the White House¬†because traditional presidential polls can probably all but be tossed aside at this point, but there is a dark reality that Hillary could win (and many think she’ll find a way to steal it no matter what).

If that happened — and I hate to sound cliche — it sounds like millions of Trump-supporters will uphold their state’s core slogan: Don’t Mess With Texas.

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