Hillary Staffer’s Take On Why Hillary Lost: White Women Are Misogynist

Hillary Clinton and her supporters are still trying to figure out what happened last week.

They have become so detached from the pulse of the country that they are still stunned that the entire nation doesn’t adore Hillary the way liberals in NYC and LA do.

They have come up with all kinds of crazy excuses as to why she lost.

It wasn’t the fact she was a terrible candidate.  Oh no.

It was the KKK, racism, sexism, ignorance, fake news, the FBI, etc.

A former Clinton campaign team member went on MSNBC last night and took things to another level.

Yup. You heard that correctly.

White women are misogynists and they didn’t want to see a woman in the White House.

A perfect case study if you are trying to figure out why Democrats lost in an electoral landslide.

They are completely detached from reality and they don’t understand that the country as a whole doesn’t want to hear stuff like this.

Not everything is about race, gender, and sexual orientation.

Sometimes people just don’t trust you.

And that’s what happened with Hillary.

H/T Young Conservatives 

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