Hillary Clinton Exploits Hurricane Matthew Victims With Disgusting Move

Storm Chasers! Hillary Clinton Buys Weather Channel Campaign Ads During Hurricane Matthew


Hillary Clinton wants to take advantage of voters looking for information about Hurricane Matthew, the Category 3 storm currently threatening Florida.

Politico reports that the Clinton campaign will spend $63,000 to reach Weather Channel viewers there for five days beginning on Thursday. That was confirmed by the Clinton campaign.

Florida officials are sending dire warnings to residents, urging them to seek refuge from the storm.

“Evacuate, Evacuate, Evacuate,” Florida governor Rick Scott said, adding that, “this storm will kill you. Time is running out.”

The hurricane threatens unprecedented damage in the important swing state, as climate change alarmists are already citing global warming as responsible for the storm.

“The nearly unprecedented rapid intensification we saw with this storm is favored by warmer oceans and greater ocean heat content,” said climate scientist Michael E. Mann to The Huffington Post.

UPDATE: After Eric Trump called her plan “evil” and “sick,” the Hillary campaign canceled their ridiculous commercials during Hurricane Matthew. 



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  1. THAT WAS THE MOST PERFIDIOUS, PERNICIOUS, RAVENOUS THING that anyone is possibly capable of ; to post your damned self during such a tremendous crisis, to vote for you.Hillary Clinton. THat only proves how selfish you are , as well as what extreme you would go to , to maintain a vote. I hope USA ,especially Floridians and people all over the world, see you for what you really are. Those fake tears you shed for all the so called, “poor children in Chicago”, could have used that money that you got so easily funded to you ,through all your lies and deceit and corruption. I pray for all the lives that were lost ;moreso, for all of those that were tracking that storm in attempt to assist the needy; however, Hillary prevented that on every link people chose to track storm. Hillary thought it was more important to show her endless video all through the day and evening. YOU couldnt be more deceitful ;Hillary;wake up Americans;shes no more interested in black people,than she is for whites. SHE REDEFINES USA CORRUPTON;filling her own foundation, for self purposes ONLY. I LOVE BLACK PEOPLE and WHITE and ALL COLORS…but people like HillarAND DO NOT BELONG UNDERMINING THE MANY COLORS IN DECEIT TOy DO NOT BELONG TO OUR NATION IN TRUTH…

  2. The Clintons interject themselves into disasters to “”Clean up”. Ask the people of Haiti. The Clintons stole 96% of the billions that was meant for the Earthquake Victims. They pat themselves on the back for giving out watered down AIDS medicine. The Clinton Foundation only uses 9% of donations for Charity. HOW DAMN MUCH MONEY DO THE CLINTONS NEED?

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