Hillary Caught Giving Lester Holt “Secret” Signals During Debate

This is exactly what a liar and a cheat would do…

(InfoWars) Hillary Clinton used hand signals to communicate with moderator Lester Holt during the first US presidential debate, a four time world champion poker player has stated.

A video recently uploaded to Youtube depicts the former secretary of state scratching her face several times during the 90-minute debate – signals to Holt, the video’s editor claims, which “meant Clinton wanted to get a ‘zinger’ in and to go to her without changing the subject.”

“Hillary Clinton used this gesture to signal Holt on six different occasions,” the video asserts.

It gets even stranger. According to TruePundit.com, in her previous debates, all the way back to 2008, she does NOT engaging in any type of signals. As a matter of fact, she rarely touches her face in general, so that makes this all the more suspect.

As expected, liberal media news sites are already trying to get out in front of this obvious cheater by dumping on the “conspiracy theorists” of the “alt-right.”

I don’t know about you folks, but I’ve never witnessed a more obvious case of cheating in my life.

What do you think?

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