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Hidden Google Data Reveals Potential Trump LANDSLIDE Victory

The media is hiding this!

(Regated) A friend of mine recently asked me if I had ever seen a Hillary Clinton yard sign in real life. After giving it some thought, I realized that the answer to that question was no. I searched Google for Trump terms and was surprised by the results.

Without giving out my address, let’s just say that I live in a very blue state. Shockingly, I have never actually seen any houses showing support for Hillary Clinton. After realizing this, I decided to fire up Google and see what the data looks like.

First off, I wanted to see which candidate was getting more searches. Not surprisingly, Donald Trump is absolutely crushing it in search frequency. By just how much? Almost three times as much!

trump search

Next, I wanted to compare how often people were googling the phrases “Clinton sign” and “Trump sign”. As expected, Trump is destroying Hillary in campaign sign searches as well.


This truly shows that the media is either ignoring or totally oblivious to the fact that traditional polls do not mean SQUAT in this unconventional, digitally-driven election cycle. Trump is CRUSHING Hillary in every aspect.

And when November comes around, a lot of so-called “experts” and pundits will be sucking their thumbs.

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