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Hidden Google Data Proves What Voters Are REALLY Interested In

Hillary is NOT going to like this one bit!

People are hungry to learn more about Hillary Clinton’s Wikileaks scandal, but you wouldn’t know it if you get your news from the mainstream media.

The search term “Wikileaks” dwarfs the term “Trump Women,” according to an info graphic shown on “Fox & Friends” on Saturday, but the network news coverage does not reflect the interest.

ABC News devoted four minutes to discussing Trump’s sex scandals while NBC did 5 minutes and CBS did 3 minutes on the topic.

By contrast, ABC spent a paltry one minute on Clinton’s Wikileaks scandal while CBS devoted two minutes to the email leaks. But NBC was, by far, the worst. With precisely no coverage at all the peacock network simply pretended the scandal didn’t exist.

google trends

But folks, that is NOT what you would know if you tuned into the news for even just a few minutes per day. Mainstream media networks, with few exceptions, have covered the baseless allegations of sexual assault against Trump by fame-hungry women by a shockingly large margin, as seen below.

H/T BizPacReview

Do you agree that this further proves the mainstream media is doing their very best to push an anti-Trump agenda on American voters? Let us know.

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