Here’s EXACTLY Why The Mainstream Media Is TERRIFIED Of Trump

This is so true!

This story definitely falls within the realm of news you won’t see reported on mainstream television, mostly because it projects such a clear message that they wouldn’t want their brainwashed viewers exposed to it.

The message? Donald Trump is STILL dominating this race. 

The video above was taken by InfoWars reporter Rob Dew as he walked through miles of traffic to get to the facility in Travis County, Texas where Trump was holding a rally that day.

Then, look what happened inside the rally venue…it was PACKED with American patriots!

The pictures inside the venue where the rally was held show thousands and thousands — truly a packed house. And that’s something you’ll NEVER see at a rally for Hillary.

So, how about we just let the mainstream media peddle their rigged polls that almost always favor Hillary. Because let’s face it, Trump fans already know who’s REALLY going to win in November!


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  1. All this corruption and killings and lying and money laundering, and every evil thing the CLINTONS are doing now has been going on for YEARS , are people so lax and so unaware of what they have been doing all these years that it taking people till the last few months to finally wake up and see the evil and destruction and the havoc these two have created. WAKE UP AMERICA come out of your dream world and wake up to reality. This woman will completely destroy this country you love so much. Please WAKE UP and don’t give her the chance to completely ruin what’s left of OUR AMERICA

  2. Every Christian needs to go to their knees, if possible and pray that the desception of the media, corruption of our inside Washington politicians and the dishonesty and fraud in voting is brought out into the open. Republicans and Democrats alike we pray that your corruptions is uncovered for all to see. There is power in prayer!

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