Guinness refuses to acknowledge NRA’s world record, gun activists say


The National Rifle Association tried to set a world record Monday for the number of people firing two rounds at the same time — but they claimed the Guinness World Records committee shot it down.

NRA spokesman Jason Brown said Guinness World Records emailed him to say the organization did not have such a record — and had no plans to create it. Still, he told USA Today it wasn’t too big a deal, saying the NRA was the ultimate authority on gun-related record-keeping.

“There’s something that just seems right about making history today,’’ NRA board member Pete Brownell said at the special event in Phoenix, called the “1000 Man Shoot.”

Standing shoulder-to-shoulder outdoors at a shooting facility, 1,000 men and women stood ready, aimed and fired. Two minutes later, they fired again to a big cheer, the activists said.

Guinness World Records did not give a public response. The organization has certified some gun-related records in the past, including “largest gun mounted on a ship” and “fastest rate of fire in a submachine gun (prototype).”

“To fire for our Second Amendments rights, you can’t explain a better feeling,” Melissa Howe, who traveled to the event from West Virginia, told KPNX.

The president of the company that supplied the guns said he expected the event would raise $1 million for the NRA.

H/T Fox News 

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