FLASH POLL: Will Trump Win Tonight’s Debate?

With everything surrounding Donald Trump’s leaked “hot mic” comments, the mainstream media has all but written off The Donald for tonight’s second presidential debate against Democratic nominee Hillary Clinton.

But, Trump supporters might have something else to say about that. Do you think Trump is going to mount an epic debate performance tonight and leave Hillary in his proverbial dust?

Vote below and let’s send Mr. Trump the prayers, good vibes and support he needs to take with him tonight.


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  1. Trump needs to refuse to discuss anything that doesn’t pertain to
    the important issues facing our country. Don’t go down that
    “rabbit hole” again…..

  2. Hillary Clinton is that and more I’m praying that Donald Trump don’t fall for her lies and just ignore what she knows will upset him just remember how Satan deceaved Eve Donald Trump for America

  3. This whole thing is in the Democratic bag due to nasty Democratic crooked politics. Just watch CNN! The “Bash Trump Channel”. Even someone on her team admitted to some undercover antics to trash Trump. No respect for the pompous bitch and our country is going down the tubes. Just wait and watch!

  4. When Hillary brings up his comments from the hot mike the only thing he needs to say is that he has no excuse for what he said and that he is sure she has heard them all anyway.

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