FLASH POLL: Were These The WORST Debate Moderators Ever?

What do you think?

[VOTE BELOW] Was it just us, or was the anti-Trump bias so unbelievable clear last night from Anderson Cooper and Martha Raddatz that it made your stomach turn?

Look, we get that they work for liberal, left-leaning networks, but in a presidential debate, you’re supposed to put your personal political ambitions aside and conduct a fair and balanced debate to help voters at home make informed decisions.

To us, it didn’t appear that was the case as Martha Raddatz, especially, ended up debating with Trump a whopping 12 times, compared to calling out Hillary Clinton a mere 2 times. Totally unfair.

“According to USA Today, Trump made it quite clear that he didn’t appreciate the biased behavior of the moderators, even noting at one point that the debate seemed to be “one-on-three,” with Cooper and Raddatz being obviously allied with Clinton.”

So, what say you? Did you see what we saw? Vote below and let’s send their employers a message and make sure these two NEVER taint another election debate ever again.


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  1. They weren’t the worst but such a close second that they have a brown nose. As Trump said- 3 n 1 ..Trump is a breath of fresh air…the media that we depend on to be honest and forth right in delivering the news are nothing but liars and we cannot believe them .

  2. I thought the moderators were debating Hillary. Very unfair! If they can’t keep their biased actions out of their job they are to perform then fire them.

  3. They were the worst debators, that Raddatz lady had the nerve to debate Donald? Cooper was horrible also, the were for Hillaryy and they tried to brake Donald, so glad he showed them how tough he is, he deserves to be our President,

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