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FLASH POLL: Should Trump Make Kellyanne Conway His Press Secretary?

How AMAZING would she be at this?

[VOTE BELOW] This could literally be our most FAVORITE poll yet.

President-elect Donald Trump’s campaign manager, Kellyanne Conway, turned his campaign around in a way that nobody could have even imagined. Though we supported Trump from day 1, for a while there, it looked pretty rough. But when Conway got on board, she helped make history by shaping his campaign up into an efficient, well-oiled successful machine.

Having said that, with all the rumors surrounding Trump’s cabinet selections, we thought it would be the PERFECT time to ask you, the reader, if you think Trump should offer Conway the job of Press Secretary. After all, she’s already confirmed that she’s been offered some kind of White House position.

What say you? Scroll down and vote. Let’s send a message to Trump and let him know if we support that decision!

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