EXPOSED: Hillary Brought Secret Doctor With Her To 9/11 Event

Who IS this lady?

(DailyMail) Hillary Clinton is facing new questions over whether she brought her personal doctor, Lisa to the 9/11 memorial where she collapsed.

The Democratic candidate had a woman at her side throughout her time there – and as she was escorted away, the woman appeared to check Clinton’s pulse.
The woman was also seen whispering in Clinton’s ear in a video taken of VIPs at the commemoration.

A series of Twitter users have questioned whether it is Dr Lisa Bardack, the physician who diagnosed her with pneumonia.


In the photo above, the mysterious lady is seen taking Hillary’s pulse as her medical episode began.


Here is the mysterious woman again, who accompanied Clinton throughout the entire ordeal.

The presence of someone with medical training would raise concern that Clinton went to the event knowing her health was at risk.

She is already facing criticism for keeping her diagnosis with pneumonia two days earlier secret – and for her campaign taking hours to admit the truth.

Folks, it’s quite obvious at this point that Hillary Clinton has major health concerns. New information is surfacing by the hour that raises serious questions about her ability to see her campaign through to the end. 

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