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Dr. Drew Just Got FIRED… Days After Commenting On Hillary’s Health

How convenient is this?

(NY Post) HLN has canceled its appointment with “Dr. Drew.”

The current-affairs show, hosted by Dr. Drew Pinsky (“Celebrity Rehab,” radio’s “Loveline”), has been axed after 5 ¹/₂ years. It will be replaced — at least for the time being — with reruns of “Forensic Files” and CNN originals (documentaries, etc.).

Pinsky’s show premiered in April 2011, but viewership remained low throughout its run. In March, HLN — a sister network of CNN — moved the show from 9 p.m. to 7 p.m.

“Dr. Drew and his team have delivered more than five years of creative shows, and I want to thank them for their hard work and distinctive programming,” CNN executive vice president Ken Jautz said in a statement.

That’s nice of HLN to say, but the real story here is that Dr. Drew commented on Hillary Clinton’s health a few days ago by saying he was “gravely concerned” about her “1950s-era” medical treatments.

It doesn’t take a detective to crack this case. The Clinton’s reach is beyond scary.

Let’s pray even harder for a President Trump.

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