Donald Trump Declares War on Obama’s Bird Killing, Hurricane Causing Wind Turbines


Donald Trump plans to take forceful action to curtail the havoc wrought by President Obama’s bird killing, hurricane causing wind turbines, the president-elect told the New York Times on Tuesday.

“I have a problem with wind,” Trump said. “They kill all the birds. You go to a windmill, you know in California they have the, what is it? The golden eagle? And they’re like, if you shoot a golden eagle, they go to jail for five years and yet they kill them by, they actually have to get permits that they’re only allowed to kill 30 or something in one year. The windmills are devastating to the bird population.”

Obama’s heavily-subsidized wind turbines are believed to be responsible for up to 328,000 bird deaths per year. In many cases, these killings are allowed under special permits the government provides to wind farm operators to exempt them from federal laws prohibiting the killing of protected species such as golden eagles and majestic bald eagles.

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