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DEVELOPING: Kim Jong Un Announces Doomsday Plans For Inauguration Day

This probably doesn’t have Trump shaking in his boots, but still…

Kim Jong Un is never short on threats, but this one takes the cake. Well, he would rather take the cake, but you know what I’m saying. 

The problem here is that this nutcase is either the dumbest leader in modern history OR he’s so smart by making so many empty threats, we no longer take him seriously and one day…boom. 

The Sun has the story:

NORTH Korea is ‘readying two intercontinental ballistic missiles’ to ‘nuke’ Donald’s Trump inauguration, it’s been reported.

Military officials say the rogue state wants to send a “strategic message” to the incoming US President by timing launches to ruin his big day tomorrow.

In a statement, South Korea’s Joint Chief of Staff said the reports could not be confirmed but said the military was monitoring the situation closely.

However, according to news reports in South Korea two missiles have already been placed on mobile launchers.

The devices “are estimated to not exceed 15 meters (50 feet) in length, making them shorter than the North’s existing ICBMs.”

A news agency quoted unnamed military officials as saying the North was attempting to send a “strategic message” to incoming Trump ahead of his inauguration tomorrow.

An ICBM test in the coming days is “highly plausible,” Andrei Lankov, a professor at Seoul’s Kookmin University, told CNN

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