DEBATE POLL: Who Won The 2nd Presidential Debate?

We can’t wait to see who you think won tonight!

With the second presidential debate about to wrap up at Washington University in St. Louis, MO, we want to know who you think won this extremely important “round 2?”

Both sides were able to sling plenty of big bombs, but who had the overall best performance, Donald Trump or Hillary Clinton?

Cast your vote below:


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  1. Trump won in my eyes it’s s obvious they r for hillary why I don know if they can’t do it right they shouldn’t do it at all

  2. Mr. Trump won!!! God bless you Mr. Trump!! You are the BOMB!!! “Because you would be in jail!!!” I seriously could not stop watching you say that! Over and over again!!! I could not stop laughing!! It will go down in history! And the best part about it….YOU MEANT IT!!!! Lmbo!!! Omgoodness!! WE LOVE YOU MR. TRUMP!!! God bless you!!! Thankyou for loving America!!!

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