POLL: Who Won The Second Debate?

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With the second presidential debate about to wrap up at Washington University in St. Louis, MO, we want to know who you think won this extremely important “round 2?”

Both sides were able to sling plenty of big bombs, but who had the overall best performance, Donald Trump or Hillary Clinton?

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  1. Thought it was pretty fair, but again, once Hillary started talking she didn’t know when to shut up. So when they let her run over the 2 min time, Trump asked why he was called on it, and Hillary wasn’t, so he started making remarks everytime she opened her mouth. Think she was a robot, because even when he did interrupt her, she didn’t miss a beat , and just kept talking! I think TRUMP won tonight, but people who are Trump’s fans think Trump won, and Democrats will think Hillary won. Hillary did make a couple of gestures tonight, scratched her left ear, and scratched on the left side of her nose, and then caught her “spacing out” for about 15-20 seconds, a little to her left, but whether she was staring at Anderson Cooper or into the crowd! Those were the quirky things I caught, tonight.

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