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CROCODILE TEARS: Michelle Obama Says Trump Tapes “Shocked Me To My Core”

Wow, how dramatic. She’s one heck of an actor…

Thursday in Manchester, NH, at a campaign event for Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton, while referencing the lewd comments Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump made while being recorded in 2005 on a hot microphone, first lady Michelle Obama called Trump “disgraceful” and “intolerable.”

Obama said the comments have “shaken me to my core in a way I couldn’t have predicted.”

She added, “This is not normal, this is not politics as usual. This is disgraceful, it is intolerable.”

H/T Breitbart

Folks, have you EVER seen such a fake, dramatic display on the campaign trail? The fact that the Hillary Clinton campaign has enlisted the White House to run cover for the thousands of damning Wikileaks email leaks speaks volumes.

They needed high-powered, high-profile intervention and it looks like Michelle Obama just delivered. Wonder how much she made for doing this?

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