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CONFIRMED: Huma Abedin Broke Federal Law

Hillary’s campaign is going down, quickly.

Citizen researcher Dr. Larry Kawa obtained several State Department documents through a Freedom Of Information Act (FOIA) request signed by Huma Abedin which conclusively show that she violated the law in her handling of classified material.

According to Kawa, Abedin engaged in “negligent handling of classified information” by allowing classified material to sit on a computer used by her estranged husband Anthony Weiner. This would have constituted a serious violation of a Non-Disclosure Agreement Abedin had signed in 2009 under penalty of perjury.

Dr. Kawa lays out the key facts:

* In documents disclosed to Citizen Researcher Dr. Larry Kawa by the US State Department, Huma Abedin signed a Non-Disclosure Agreement (SF-312) for classified information under penalty of perjury.

* In the agreement Abedin is advised against “negligent handling of classified information” could cause “irreparable injury” to the United States.

* In addition Abedin agrees that “unauthorized disclosure of classified information by me” could result in the violation of several intelligence and security laws, including the espionage act.

* Disclosure of classified information to Anthony Weiner through “negligent handling of classified information” would be a violation of this agreement, and a felony. Aiding and Abetting Huma Abedin to commit this crime or cover it up would also be a felony.

In addition, Abedin relinquished her security clearance in 2013 when Hillary Clinton stepped down as Secretary of State.

In February of that year, Abedin signed a so-called Separation Statement (OF-109), which “affirmatively states that she has returned all classified material to the State Department and does not have access to any classified information.” However, the latest news shows that Abedin still likely had access to classified information on her Yahoo! account, which was accessed from Weiner’s laptop.

Kawa also notes that on Sept. 22, 2016, according to CNN and other sources, more than 500 million Yahoo! accounts were hacked. This makes it likely that hackers gained access to Huma Abedin’s Yahoo account and, thus, a treasure trove of material sent to her by Clinton.

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