BREAKING VIDEO: Hillary Buckles, Passes Out While Being Helped to Van


Here it is, folks. First video released of Hillary struggling to maintain her footing as she faints/buckles while being loaded into van.

“If humans were rational creatures, the time and place of Clinton’s “overheating” wouldn’t matter at all. But when it comes to American psychology, there is no more powerful symbol of terrorism and fear than 9-11 . When a would-be Commander-in-Chief withers – literally – in front of our most emotional reminder of an attack on the homeland, we feel unsafe. And safety is our first priority.

Hillary Clinton just became unelectable.” – Scott Adams (Dilbert creator)


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  1. This woman is too weak and sick to be President of this country or just maybe a ploy for her to drop out of the race and Obama take over for another 4 years, wake up America !
    We need to know and should demand medical records …..this is not looking good ,
    Why her Daughters apartment and not a hospital…..would it be because the hospital would make a report ? More sneaky stuff being kept from the public, she and Obama
    so good at the sneaky stuff

  2. We need to pity her, to want to live her life with GREED , POWER, and want to rule to the point of carving and believing in your own lies…yes we need to pity her……but no way should anyone be PRESIDENT by not backing there country first…this is where we have failed as a country…the PEOPLE have been over come threw the years , way back…but CARTER…BUSHES, CLINTONS have done nothing but make themselves RICH……you don’t put your country 2nd. you put the country and people first over all……ask these two families, ask the two parties, ask congress, and our ESTABLISHMENT…….are you all guilty of bringing down our country for your own GREED and PROFIT????…..THEY couldn’t truly answer this…….to face 9/11…and to see HILLARY, I don’t pity….I say you my women have reached the end of a rope…you have finally choked yourself…and if she was to pass away today…….it would end the pain of families that lost there loves one…….that how I feel about HILLARY CLINTON and the “HIGH an MIGHTLY ESTABLISHMENT”…..may you all fall down…..we need to take back our country, ours, not others who want to reap the wealth, but the people who has fought and believed in hard work. families, church, praying, and yes…our FLAG……if MR.TRUMP is the person then I say vote TRUMP……I believe in this man…..TRUMP should be PRESIDENT right now……

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