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BREAKING: Ultra Liberal Federal Judge Blocks President Trump’s Travel Ban

This is totally absurd…

Since a federal judge made the ruling, this temporary restraining order against President Trump’s executive order on immigration is effective nationwide.

The argument against this silly ruling is that Congress gives the president the power to make decisions based on national security, which is what Trump’s “ban” revolves around.

The judge who issued the ruling made news recently for declaring “Black Lives Matter” and threatened a major police union if it resisted “reforms.” Go figure. 

Why do liberals insist on flooding our streets with refugees, many of whom haven’t been thoroughly vetted? Sickening. 

CNBC has the story:

A federal judge in Seattle on Friday granted a nationwide temporary restraining order blocking U.S. President Donald Trump’s recent action barring nationals from seven countries from entering the United States.

General Bob Ferguson’s order represents a major challenge to the Trump administration, which is expected to immediately appeal. The judge declined to stay the order, suggesting that travel restrictions could be lifted immediately.

Ferguson filed the lawsuit on Monday, saying it wasn’t a decision he made lightly.

“I firmly believe that no one is above the law, however, and I have a duty to protect all Washingtonians from unlawful actions that violate the Constitution,” he said in a Monday statement. “I will continue this fight — all the way to the U.S. Supreme Court if necessary — to uphold the rule of law.”

If you’re as outraged as we are that this liberal, West coast judge granted such a silly decision, let us know on Facebook.

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