BREAKING: Trump Vows To Prosecute Hillary!

She lost it after he BOMBED her with this EPIC promise!

During the second debate, which started with a bang, Donald Trump turned the tables when he announced to a completely SHOCKED audience that he would prosecute Hillary Clinton when he wins the White House, in coordination with his Attorney General.

The crowd, who were supposed to remain silent throughout the debate, went completely bonkers with applause, signaling surprising support for Trump’s powerful statement.


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  1. I was not sure what to expect but boy did l like the way Trump took possession of everything. Hillary doesn’t stand a chance of winning. Kinda feel like I should feel sorry for her, but no l don’t. You stood tall tonight. Showed everyone just what you’re made of. Yes you will become our next president. Congratulations! !!!!!

  2. I loved the debate. I appreciated his apology. We can’t stand another 4 years of the same on immigration, abortion debt and ISIS. We support Trump.

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