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BREAKING: Trump To Consider MITT ROMNEY For Secretary Of State

This is the shocker of the day, to say the least…

Folks, this is being reported everywhere now. We get that candidates, both present and past, usually fight during the election, but the bad blood between Romney and Trump was very real, and very nasty. What’s the angle here? Why would Trump pick him and better yet, why would Romney even consider it?

VERY strange!!

VIA CNBC: Former Republican presidential nominee Mitt Romney will meet with Donald Trump this weekend to discuss the secretary of state position, a source close to the president-elect with direct knowledge of his thinking told NBC News.

In March, the former Massachusetts governor called Trump “a phony” and “a fraud” when discussing the then-candidate. He also campaigned with Ohio Gov. John Kasich in the Buckeye State during the primaries. Trump has called Romney a loser and has said he “choked like a dog” during his 2012 presidential campaign against President Barack Obama.

Others reportedly under consideration for the secretary of state position include former New York City Mayor Rudy Giuliani and South Carolina Governor Nikki Haley. Another possibility is Senate Foreign Relations Committee Chairman Bob Corker, who told CNBC on Wednesday he’s “in the mix” for the job.

Trump endorsed Romney during his presidential bid four years ago. Last week after the election, Romney called Trump to congratulate him on his surprise win.

This story is developing. Please check back for further updates.

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