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BREAKING: Trump To Confront Mexican President Face to Face

Whoa, this was unexpected…

Prior to his much-anticipated policy speech regarding illegal immigration in the United States, rumors flew that Donald Trump was considering taking up an invitation to meet Mexican President Enrique Peña Nieto.

@NewsThisSecond just confirmed through an anonymous source that Trump WILL be making the trip to Mexico to meet with the President.

The trip, if it truly happens, will take place Wednesday — mere hours before flying back to Arizona to publicly clarify his stance on illegal immigration.

The main focus of the speech will answer questions, hopefully, on his recent “softer” stance on deporting over 11 million illegal aliens inside the United States — many of whom are criminals.

While he has to make a play for the independent vote with a perceived “softer” stance, he also has to be VERY sure not to alienate his hardcore base who are generally on board with his original plans to deport illegal aliens en masse.

This will make for an interesting day!

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