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BREAKING: Trump Makes MASSIVE Campaign Ad Announcement

Finally! Can’t wait to see this…

(Breitbart) Donald Trump’s campaign will air its first general election ads this weekend in several swing states.

The Wall Street Journal reports the ads will appear in Florida, Ohio, Pennsylvania and North Carolina.

The media buy will feature Trump’s recent policy speeches, focusing and building off of those messages on national security and the economy, according to campaign advisers.

Although Trump hasn’t spent any money on general election ads until this point, his opponent, Hillary Clinton, has spent $61 million over the past two months.

While Trump fans, in general, will be thrilled to see his first television ads run, hopefully, this shuts up the NeverTrump GOP elitists who whine and cry every single day that he’s not doing enough.

When will they learn that traditional polls are almost totally irrelevant in this totally unconventional presidential campaign? At any rate, hopefully, Trump’s new ads will serve as a digital “binky” for their crying faces.

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