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BREAKING: Trump Gets INCREDIBLE November Surprise

Wow, this shut the anti-Trump pundits up FAST!

Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump now leads Hillary Clinton by one point, according to the latest ABC News/Washington Post national tracking poll.

Trump earns the support of 46 percent of likely voters while Clinton only earns 45 percent. Libertarian candidate Gary Johnson has three percent support and Jill Stein only has two percent.

Since Friday, Clinton has lost 7 points among voters who are enthusiastic about her candidacy. Trump leads Clinton by eight points among voters who are very enthusiastic about his bid.

ABC News warns that Trump is technically only leading by 0.7 points and reminds readers that Romney led the poll by one point in 2012 before he lost to President Barack Obama.

“Taking it to the decimal for illustrative purposes, a mere seven-tenths of a percentage point divides them,” the release warns.

H/T Breitbart

We get it, polls aren’t everything. However, it does give us a snapshot of the political climate across the country and at long last, it appears that more people have awakened. They realize that Trump is our only hope to — quite literally — make America great again.

While 1 point may not seem like a lot, it actually is, given that Hillary has lost a comfortable 12-point lead in just over a week. That’s huge.

With exactly one week left before American voters head to the polls, it’s up to Trump to capitalize on his growing momentum. Hillary Clinton is not worthy or frankly, qualified, to even run for the presidency — let alone actually be the president.

What say you? Do you think Trump will win on Nov. 8 in a potential landslide? Let us know!

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