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BREAKING: Trump Bucks Mainstream Liberal Media With Unprecedented Move

Wow, he actually did it!

President Donald Trump has relentlessly hammered the “fake news” liberal mainstream media for weeks now, but today was the day he let them know that they’re no longer welcome to spew their lies, bias and leftist drivel.

When the doors of the White House press briefing room were virtually locked on Friday to the likes of CNN, Buzzfeed and the LA Times, they went insane. The protests have already begun. It’s going to be a very interesting week ahead, to say the least.

The Daily Caller has the story:

The White House blocked several mainstream media outlets from a press gaggle Friday with press secretary Sean Spicer.

CNN, The New York Times, Politico, Buzzfeed and the Los Angeles Times were not allowed to attend the gaggle, which replaced Spicer’s daily briefing. Reporters from those outlets were surprised when White House aides denied them entrance to the gaggle, reports The New York Times. Incensed reporters quickly tweeted out the news, and several outlets boycotted the gaggle in protest.

A partial list of outlets that were allowed to intend include The Wall Street Journal, CBS, NBC, ABC, Bloomberg, Fox News, Breitbart, and The Washington Times. The Associated Press and TIME did not attend in protest.

“A big deal” Politico’s Manu Raju tweeted Friday afternoon. “WH now picking and choosing which news outlets can attend Spicer gaggle …”

You can rest assured that the networks who were blocked will be spitting fire for the forseeable future, and attacks on the administration will only increase.

But, I have a feeling President Trump, frankly my dear, doesn’t give a damn.

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