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BREAKING: Portland Police Call Anti-Trump Protest a “Riot” … Total Anarchy In The Streets

This is absolutely DISGUSTING

The ultra-liberal, anti-Trump snowflakes in Portland have descended into total chaos and anarchy in the streets. The very people protesting against what they perceive as hate and violence are smashing cars, vandalizing and looting stores and setting everything on fire. 

It’s time for the Portland mayor to stop holding back police and let them do their jobs. They need to set an example very quickly before it turns into Ferguson. Bring in the state troopers and National Guard if necessary. 

Via Q13Fox: Portland Police say due to extensive criminal and dangerous behavior, a protest against President-elect Donald Trump is now considered a riot.

Police said on Twitter Thursday night they were taking increasing reports of vandalism and aggressive behavior. Multiple news outlets were posting videos of people in heated arguments. One video showed an altercation after a woman threw laundry detergent at protesters.

Police were advising people to discontinue the use of illegal fire devices and said multiple people with bats were reported in the crowd.

olice say people not wanting to be associated with protesters should leave the area.

Oregon Department of Transportation officials have closed freeways in the area intermittently as a precaution.

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