BREAKING: Paul Ryan Bends Knee… Makes HUGE Trump Announcement

It was only a matter of time…

Paul Ryan and Donald Trump will campaign in Wisconsin together on Saturday, according to a media advisory for the state Republican party’s Fall Fest.

Trump will attend the scheduled event with Ryan, Governor Scott Walker, Senator Ron Johnson, as well as other local officials.

A source familiar with the Wisconsin Fall Fest told Breitbart News that Trump expressed interest in doing an event with Paul Ryan in Wisconsin and accepted an invite to the already scheduled event.

Fall Fest is a fundraiser for Republicans in the 1st Congressional District.

Since endorsing Trump for president in June, Ryan has balked at the onslaught of media questions about the Republican nominee’s behavior.

“All questions related to Mr. Trump should be directed to the Trump campaign,” the media advisory noted.

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  1. What a bunch of gutless , back-stabbing idiots . Paul Ryan , while intelligent, has turned out to be one of the weakest Speakers I’ve ever seen . It doesn’t matter what Trump said 10 years ago . If it’s such a big deal , and if time limits don’t matter , why aren’t Paul Ryan and all these RINO’S throwing temper tantrums about what Hillary has said publicly for almost 50 years . Why aren’t they having hissy fits about Pay for Play , Benghazi , Bill Clinton’s sexual exploits , Travel Gate , White Water , the e-mail scandal. For the Love of God … Hillary Clinton is a CRIMINAL …… the Clinton’s entire inner-circle are CRIMINALS…. For the last eight years , our President has been a CRIMINAL !!! It doesn’t matter what someone says , it’s what they DO !!!! Trump has created jobs and wealth … Hillary has created anxiety and decisiveness. She is a destructive force who needs to be put down once and for all

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