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BREAKING: New Poll Turns Race Upside Down… Proves Trump Is a FIGHTER

Whoa! This’ll shut up the haters…

(Hannity) A new national poll from the Los Angeles Times shows GOP nominee Donald Trump pulling ahead of his Democratic rival Hillary Clinton.

The USC Dornsife/LA Times Presidential Election Daybreak Poll of 2,500 respondents shows Trump with a three-point lead over Clinton nationally, 45.1% to 42.3%.

trump thumbs up hat

Folks, it was only a matter of time before Hillary Clinton’s scandals crept up enough to weaken her poll numbers. Since his massive campaign staffing shakeup, Trump has managed to turn a new leaf in the public’s eye and is gaining support at a rapid pace.

While that alone looks fantastic for his chances in November, it’s not even taking into account the potentially massive block of “hidden” Trump voters — the people who are hesitant to back him in social settings but will undoubtedly circle in his name at the voting booth.

This is one more step to Making America Great Again!

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