BREAKING: New Poll SILENCES Trump Haters… The Tables Are Turning

We saw this coming a mile away!

(H/T Hannity) A new poll from the Los Angeles Times is just the latest to showing that the race for the presidency is tighter than many are suggesting.

According to the USC Dornsife/Los Angeles Times “Daybreak” tracking poll, Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton leads Donald Trump by just .6%, 44% to 43.4% respectively.

The new poll comes just days after a Zogby Analytics poll similarly showed a tight race, with Clinton just 2 points ahead of Trump.

Folks, even though I don’t put a lot of thought into national polls, this at least shows the GOP elitists who do that Trump is by FAR not a lost cause. If it takes a poll to shut them up, I’m all for it.

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  1. There is NO way on God’s green earth that Hillary is even within 20 points of Trump, if the real truth was known. Some how these polls must be rigged too. I have taken some and Trump is always in the at least 90% range, so what does that leave???? Figure it out!!! Even cheating, to try and make her look good!! Forget it, if she wins, I am asking Trump to fly me to a deserted Island because that’s about what it will be here, but with the people locked up in camps. No thank you.

  2. you look at the demographics on these polls and they are heavily weighted to support hilliary with extra democrats and less republicans then the accepted mean values for voters. and you realize if they are showing even trumps up 8 to 10 points if the polls were honest

  3. I do not believe that Trump’s latest news should not be relevant due to the fact he has not been a politician for 30 years like Hillary and her past. It is sad that this has happened……but I still believe in him and what he can do for our failing country.

  4. Yes. These people are so thin skinned. They should have a job in the real world and see what the Everyday talk. Work In a factory, construction, any jail or prison. Then you will see real life. In their PC world they are as far from reality as you can get.
    This is from a female in the real world.

  5. Trump has got to learn to control his mouth. Locker room humor is fun and all men are pigs about it…but it isn’t the think for a public figure to puff off his prowess in the sack…because sure as the world there is some woman out there who knows different.

    I think Trump will make a great president and do what he has promised us…and a few unconsidered words into an open mic are not going to change that opinion. I certainly don’t want a traitor in the White House. And Obama must go to prison and a rope.

    And I want to hear about what you will do for the Social Security System to get it back on it’s feet and allow our seniors to live with the dignity they certainly deserve. I’m far more interested in that if you want the truth.

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