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BREAKING: Leaked Email Shows Hillary Got Debate Question In Advance

This proves what we knew ALL along…

WikiLeaks dropped yet another stack of emails from Hillary Clinton campaign chief John Podesta on Wednesday. The anti-secrecy group announced the document dump via Twitter:

Amongst the leaked Podesta emails is evidence that Hillary Clinton received at least one question prior to a March 2016 primary debate with opponent, Vermont Senator Bernie Sanders.

The email, dated March 12, 2016 and entitled “From time to time I get the questions in advance”, came from Donna Brazile, and was sent just hours ahead of a Town Hall style debate hosted by CNN.

The email is further evidence that the Democratic primary was essentially rigged in favor of Hillary Clinton.

Here’s the email in question:

leaked email

“Here’s one that worries me about HRC,” Brazile, who is a former CNN contributor herself, wrote to Clinton Staffer Jennifer Palmieri. What followed was the exact wording of a question Clinton would be asked.

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